Rajinikanth quits active politics

Rajinikanth has announced his decision to quit active politics in a statement.

His statement reads: “After announcing that I would be starting a party in January, I participated in the shooting of Annaatthe in Hyderabad against the advice of doctors. We were taking all necessary precautions during the shoot with 120 people. In spite of that, four people tested positive for COVID-19. The director immediately suspended the shoot and asked everyone to get tested. I tested negative but had fluctuations in my blood pressure. Medically, I should not have any fluctuations because of my kidney transplant. I was under the supervision of doctors for three days. Considering my health, the producer, Kalanithi Maran postponed the shoot.”

“My health is the reason for these hardships. I see this as a warning sent by the Almighty.”

“All those with enough political experience will not deny this fact… I might have to attend several meetings, go for campaigns and meet lakhs of people. With a small shoot of just 120 people, I had to spend three days in the hospital. With the mutation of COVID-19, even if there is a vaccine, I will be putting people at risk while campaigning.”

“I am taking immuno-suppressant tablets, but should anything happen to me, all those around me may be affected, both financially and psychologically.”

“When I had met the district functionaries on November 30, you had said that my health is important and any decision that I take will be acceptable. I will not forget that. I bow my head down to all of you for your love and affection for me. RMM will function as usual.”

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