This is why Neetu Kapoor doesn’t stay with her children!

In a recent interview, veteran actress Neetu Kapoor said that she likes her privacy more than anything, that’s why she doesn’t stay with her children.

Neetu Kapoor is the wife of late actor Rishi Kapoor. She has two children with him – Riddhima Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor. After Rishi Kapoor’s death last year, Neetu Kapoor has been staying at her residence only.

Asking about her preference, she said that she want her children to “be settled, I want them to live in my heart not stand on my head”.


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Talking about her journey as a mother, she talked about how she manages to spend her time without Ranbir and Riddhima.The actress shared “I want them to be busy with their lives. I say mere dil mein raho, mere sar pe mat chadho (stay in my heart, don’t stand on my head).”

She also shared that when Riddhima was with her during the lockdown,she was stressed for a year because she couldn’t go back to her house,”I used to tell her Riddhima to go back, Bharat is alone. I was literally pushing her away. I like my privacy. I am used to this way of life.”

Neetu recalled the memories when Riddhima went to London for study purposes. She shared that she used to cry everyday,”If someone would even come to meet her and say goodbye I used to start crying.”

Then she also shared, when years later Ranbir left her, she didn’t cry because she was prepared.

“He told me, ‘mom you don’t love me.’ But it isn’t that. It was just that I had gotten used to that life, of living away from a child. So when it happened again, I was prepared. I think, in those times when they were abroad made me stronger and made me feel that I am okay being alone,” she said.


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She further added that her children have to get on with their lives. She gets happy when they come but she also wants them to go back to their houses and be settled.

“I don’t want them to be around me all the time, I am very independent that way. I love my life the way it is,” she added.

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