Helly Shah is nervous as hell! And here’s why…

The entertainment industry is trying to go back to normal and produce new and fresh content post the Coronavirus lockdown. But television actress Helly Shah, who has started shooting for the second season of ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, isn’t very thrilled with the idea of rushing back to normalcy. In a recent interview the actress expressed her nervousness about going back on the sets amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Helly when asked about whether she is nervous about going back to set said “Yes I am, because I feel the situation he aisi hai (is such) that there has to be some amount of nervousness and fear. You shouldn’t take the situation lightly because if you do then you won’t take the precautions,”

She pointed out: “As an actor I wouldn’t be wearing the mask the whole day, and I’ll have so many people around and have people coming into my room. So, yeah I am nervous and have that little bit of fear inside me,”

Helly further went on to add all the precautions she is taking on a personal level before and while on the set. Helly informed, “From food to water to everything — I carry everything that I may need on set. Every single thing. When I come back home I make sure everything is cleaned properly. On set at regular intervals, I keep sanitising — personally at times and also with the help of production,”

“I make sure I eat things that are good for my immunity because right now it is important that I have good immunity. I know I fall sick quick, so I keep precautions in mind,” She added. The actress is doing everything she can to protect herself from getting infected by Coronavirus in any way possible.

After ‘Kausauti Zindagi Kay’ actor Parth Samthaan tested positive for COVID-19, it is understandable why Helly is on the edge about going back to work in the current atmosphere. Season two of Colors Tv show ‘Ishq mein Marjawan’ starring Helly Singh and Vishal Vashishtha has just begun its innings.

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